Rotary Valvs

The Alchemy phenomenon is used as a rotary valve (air lock) in the outlets filled with materials, silos, cyclones, bag filters, and filters, etc. to discharge loads or materials inside them.
Rotary Valves (Air Lock) and Rotary Airlock are equipment that allows materials to pass from one equipment to another with different air pressure and prevent the pressure from being transmitted between them. The equipment is not used alone, but as a member of a complex, and in particular in materials transfer systems, it is widely used. Due to the special use of these equipment, very strong valves and very powerful motors are their main pillars.
The body of the machine is made of cast iron GG25 or stainless steel ss304 or aluminum in three sizes: 1 inch, 2 inch and 2 inch, according to customer's request.
The gap between the rotor and the cylinder is below 0.8 mm and above 0.8 mm, so as to create air lock mode, to keep the rotor flowing, and to lock the rotor into the cylinder. Avoid, by interpreting the device temperature.
The rotor works on permanent bearings (no lubrication required) and maintenance.
The flanges of the machine are designed to be rounded on one side and square on the other, making it easy to install, with no installation restrictions.
The Volvo Rotary Machine is painted with an electrostatic spraying machine and is annealed at 2 ° C.
With this device, the operator can manage the output load of its tanks.
Our product is ۱۰۰ ۱۰۰ Iranian, with one year warranty and five years after-sales service.
Types of these valves are also referred to as fine-grained locks, cross-laminated lids, material-transferable lubricants, material-controlled lubricants, material-lubricated milk lubricants, silo lubricants, flour lubricants, wheat lubricants, octopters, cement lubricants, rotary valves. .
Rotary valves are used in many industries including industries, food, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, plastics, mining, agriculture.

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Rotary Airlock Valves